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Article:DT 0640 Length: 1500 Mtrs. Weight: ………… GM

DT 0640 Thread is a highly innovative and versatile thread that can be used in a wide variety of sewing applications. This advanced thread is made from the finest quality materials, ensuring that it is strong, durable and retains its color and texture even after repeated use. One of the key features of the DT 0640 Thread is that it is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to easily match it to your project. Whether you are sewing a beautiful piece of clothing, creating a quilt or embroidery design, or crafting something else entirely, this thread is the perfect choice. In addition to its versatility and durability, the DT 0640 Thread is also incredibly easy to work with. Its smooth texture and consistent thickness make it ideal for both manual and machine sewing, ensuring that you can achieve flawless results every time. Overall, DT 0640 Thread is an essential tool for any professional or hobbyist sewer who wants to create high-quality, long-lasting projects with ease.

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